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Milkdot's Story

Thank you for taking the time to discover Milkdot!
Hello, my name is Janet Cho and I'm the owner and designer of Milkdot.

Every idea usually starts with a problem. Mine started when I couldn't find a good lunch bag for my son.

I found inexpensive generic lunch bags in big box stores but those fell apart quickly. I found neoprene ones that smelled toxic (which by the way is off-gassing VOC's or Volatile Organic Compounds). Others were too feminine and looked like purses. Some were too heavy and bulky. And as much as I love animated films, I've never been a fan of products covered with princesses or superheroes. 

Unhappy with all the choices, I decided to design a lunch bag and soon after, a second problem came that I wasn't expecting. I never realized a bag could be a dangerous product because of the materials. Suddenly, I was faced with researching: what is PVC? What is BPA? What are phthalates? What materials contain lead? Yikes, all these toxins could be present in a lunch bag?!!!

I wanted to design a product that could fulfill the things that I love: minimal design, color and functionality. But, if I was going to do this, I had to make it my priority to use non-toxic materials. 

Names can be challenging but are a lot of fun and while thinking about the company name, two simple words came to mind:

MILK: children, nourishment for all ages, wholesome, pure, clean
DOT: each one of us can make a positive impact by the choices we make every day

MILKDOT = a love for minimal clean design for the young at heart + a deep respect for the world God has given us and with that, a responsibility to only make what is "good" (products that will always use safe, non-toxic materials)

I hope you will enjoy your Milkdot product!

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