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Our Story

A note from founder, Janet Cho: 

Before starting Milkdot, I assumed that if a product was in a store, then it should be safe to use. It wasn't until I started to research basic materials for bags that I became surprisingly aware how little we know about the products we buy and how many of them use toxic materials that can harm our health and the environment.

Milkdot is committed to designing quality products that are safe for our kids and the environment. Every Milkdot production is tested by a CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) accredited lab and exceeds the CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act) standards. 

Often, I've been asked about the name, Milkdot. From the beginning, I knew that I wanted this company to inspire something good. What comes to mind when we hear "Milk"? Children, pure, nurture, wholesome, clean…and "Dot" is my belief that each person can make a positive difference in our world. 

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