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Bandits Plush Key Ring | Tokkiro

  • Personalize your child's Milkdot backpack with one of our plush toy key rings that will help teach your child about an endangered species. Tokkiro is one of six little masked bandits on a mission to save her Pygmy Rabbit family from disappearing from our world forever. Each bandit shares its own heroic tale in hopes of heightening awareness of the plight that faces many animals endangered today.

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  • Tokkiro is a pygmy rabbit whose hop is anything but small. Her family depends on sagebrush for food and safety which is being destroyed by wild fire-breathing urchins. Tokkiro has a hop so high that she can spot an urchin’s flames from miles away. A fierce burrower, she tunnels through the land and makes a hidden hole so deep that the urchins fall through, trapped deep in the earth forever.
  • • Ultra soft plush material with embroidered details
    • Matte finish key ring clip*
    • Lead-free

    For ages 3 and up
    Dimensions: 10 cm (h) x 6 cm (w) x 3.5 cm (d)

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