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Birthday Race for the Bats

October 12, 2012



We wanted to share a wonderful story of how kids along with their parents can help raise awareness of endangered animals. Most kids think birthdays are all about presents and parties but one little girl who lives in NYC, loves animals and she wanted to celebrate her 8th birthday with the theme, “Race for the bats”.

Her name is Lucia and rather than receiving presents, she asked friends to help celebrate her birthday with fun relay races in the park and sending a donation gift instead to the Bat Conservation International. What most people don’t know is that bats are essential to the health of our natural world. They help control pests and are vital pollinators and seed-dispersers for countless plants. They are one of the most misunderstood animals and there are species that are now endangered. For more information, visit:

We want to thank Lucia for sharing her birthday and photos and thinking of our Battaro plush key rings that she gave each friend as party favors which we see received a lot of love! Part of our profits of sales from our plush key rings go to the Center for Biological Diversity which also helps endangered bats.

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