September 27, 2016

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Milkdot needs your votes!

We are so excited to announce that Milkdot is a finalist in the Most Awesome Longest Lasting Lunch Bag category in Red Tricycle’s Totally Awesome Awards. Woo Hoo! Voting runs until September 30th (only a few days left!) and the Finalist with the most votes will be the winner. If you love Milkdot, we need your votes! Click on the badge to vote! Vote in 3 categories and enter to win a $1000 Amazon Gift Card from Red Tricycle!

Red Tricycle Totally Awesome Award Finalist

Epcot's Japan Pavilion gallery with new 'Kawaii - Japan's Cute Culture' exhibit

milkdot kawaii mini backpack at Epcot exhibit

The Bijutsu-kan gallery at Epcot's Japan Pavilion in Orlando, FL has a new exhibit -'Kawaii: Japan's Cute Culture.' The exhibit explores how the Kawaii culture became so popular in modern Japan, and includes our Remi Kawaii Päc mini backpack! (shown in top right corner)

Epicurious: 8 Lunch Containers That Put Brown Bags to Shame


Our Stöh Lunch Tote is featured in Epicurious in their roundup of Favorite Stylish Office Lunch Containers! Read the whole article here:

August 27, 2015

Apartment Therapy's 2015 Back to School Roundup

Still looking for a lunch bag? Apartment Therapy has shared their Back to School roundup of Best Kids Lunch Boxes and Lunch Bags and included our Stöh Lunch Tote limited edition Snackmates!

Mama the Fox Review

Read what Mama the Fox says about our Stöh lunch totes! 

"I love that these lunch totes are made with all all non toxic materials. I care so much about what I put into my kids bodies. From the food they eat to the soap I wash their tableware with. Of course we should care about the tote we place their food in daily.

These totes are so smooth to the touch. Soft and plush makes to easier to carry for little hands and easier to store. I love being able to press the sides down so that I can store the tote when not in use. Space is always limited with 2 little children. I have stuff everywhere! If I can cut down on my storage space then I am sold.

I can not get over how much room this lunch tote has. I am able to get a ridiculous amount of food, drinks and plastic containers of food in this lunch tote. As you can see, the depth is so deep that it has over an inch of room after the length of a can of pop. This huge tote allows you to pack a healthy lunch for your self or a loved one.

The back of the tote has a small pocket which can hold a small amount of items like a cell phone and keys. It also has a name tag which can be filled out. I love this feature. Most children’s schools and day cares require their name and phone to be clearly on the tote. This allows us to identify the owner without having to take a permanent marker to it."

See the original post here: 

August 20, 2015

Cool Mom Picks 2015 Back to School Guide

Be sure to check out Cool Mom Picks​ Back to School Guide 2015! We couldn't be happier that they chose our Kawaii Päcs to be in their guide as well as our Stöh Lunch Totes! And don’t miss entering their back to school giveaway! They're giving away TWO $250 Target Gift cards to one lucky CMP reader — one for you and one for your teacher!
Cool Mom Picks Guide for Coolest Backpacks for Preschool & Little Kids
Cool Mom Picks Guide for Coolest Lunch Bags
July 28, 2015

Our Top Kat backpacks available for pre-order!

Our long awaited Top Kat backpacks in new color combinations with blue raspberry + deep grey, purple + deep grey or tangerine + deep grey are available for pre-order for an estimated August 21 ship date. We only have a limited number so get yours before they're gone again!

Meet: Mamidecora

We've just discovered another wonderful website that has featured our Kawaii Pac mini backpacks! The website is in Spanish for those of you fluent in Spanish. Nevertheless, you can still enjoy looking at the great design ideas and product features. Mamidecora is a website designed for parents and their inspiration is to "decorate everyday", offering many ideas for children to enjoy a friendly, fun, magical, family environment and where parents can return to their childhood dreams.
April 15, 2015

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Meet: hello, Wonderful

hello, Wonderful - everyday fun for kids

Our Kawaii Pac mini backpacks were featured on, a site that we are in love with! If you love creative do-it-yourself projects with your kids, beautiful images and unique products, you will love this site too! is a simple, charming place where you can easily find creative inspiration and you can save your favorite ideas or share them with your friends. At hello, Wonderful, they are modern moms too who know your time is limited. So they've gathered the best ideas to create, celebrate and enjoy those magical moments with your kids, saving you hours of sorting through endless websites and inspiration boards.

March 26, 2015

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"Get These In Your Life" Gadgets!

Campus Talk's March Gadget list
Campus Talk Magazine's March 2015 issue lists their "Get these in your Life" Gadgets and what a cool surprise to see our Stöh Lunch Tote as one of their picks! We've already been eyeing the Smartphone Projector, Pocketmonkey and Gleener at The Grommet! And if you can't read the Totally Useless Fact at the bottom of the page, it's a pretty neat bit of trivia: The longest word comprised of one row on the keyboard is TYPEWRITER. You learn something new every day!


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